The Five Districts Of Body Sculpting

Living in New York City is something that people say has to be done at least once in a lifetime. The city and its surrounding boroughs encompass a diverse set of never ending cultures, histories, and identities. Whether you’re in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island, the New York City vibe is alive and well!

Thanks to these precious gifts, a city like New York basks in its own glory by having so much stuff available, at such proximity. Many people try moving to New York for this very reason. However, the cost of living is astronomical depending on where one looks.

Having money in the city is highly important, and a bustling metropolis like New York City makes it easy for anybody to get ahead. Getting ahead can mean a lot of different things, for many different people. Interestingly enough, a cosmopolitan city like Manhattan has a lot of different people who practice the art of body modification, in their own right. For some, this may mean getting tattoos or piercings, but it can also refer to cosmetic surgeries like liposuction or implants. The latter two are more along the lines of what is called “body sculpting” whereby a surgeon performs a fat reducing, or fat displacing surgery on the patient. It is true, somebody out there is probably saying: “but liposuction is for movie stars and celebrities, who can afford that!?” While this may have been the case, body sculpting is on the rise and is extremely popular in New York City, it may be hard to notice, and that may mean that the phenomenon is working! A further look at some of the different types of fat reduction methods continues below.

Non Surgical and Surgical Liposuction Or Lipolysis

For starters, surgical liposuction was, and still is, the most common form of rapid fat reduction. These techniques literally suck the fat right out of a patient, rendering them almost a completely new and changed person!

Non surgical liposuction tends to use read the full info here devices that are applied to the skin, directly, that help with the process of reducing fat or otherwise.


Cryolipolysis Related Site refers to the use of cryogenics to aid with lipolysis or fat reduction. The device used in cryolipolysis uses cold treatment which causes inflammation and cell death to the applied area.


The use of low level laser light to induce lipolysis is a rather interesting phenomenon. The light penetrates the cells and encourages the cells to release fat without damaging them.


Radiofrequency induced lipolysis involves a device that produces different ranges of currents that hover over the skin, creating an electric field. This electric field causes charged particles to reconfigure themselves, amounting to subtle changes within the lipids and cells of the applied area.

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